A Message from the Founder

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Amidst the urgency and restrictions surrounding the global pandemic, OCIA hasn't given up, we haven't given in, and we haven't lost hope! Backed by the relentless love and support of our donors—our OCIA Ugandan team has served harder than ever before during these unprecedented times. In this issue, you'll see the restoration work taking place in our kids and community even during COVID-19. Throughout this year, we have witnessed an incredible transformation in our community's hearts. As we have committed to going over and beyond to stop people from suffering, we're growing and evolving our outreach and programs to meet those needs beyond orphan care. And like a ripple effect, we are starting to see a trend of a restored identity, purpose, and a re-imagined hope. We are excited to announce that by end of this December, we will be dedicating the Saveal Project and enrolling as many as 30 volunteers to join the program for the upcoming event year!! Young children will now have access to quality education and have the perfect environment to learn and thrive. With 2021 just on the horizon, we are looking to a profound uprising of change. We want to thank our donors for standing with us this year. Sincerely, we understand what a sacrifice it was to give and support OCIA during this pandemic. Despite the distance and the global crisis, your generosity showed that our mission in Uganda still matters. Our campus has not only survived the pandemic but we’ve thrived—and because of prayers and support we were able to create plans to purchase two acres that will serve as a place for foster families who are committed to raising vulnerable children and take them as their own! Because of you, OCIA has remained committed to raising a generation of advocates that believe injustice does not have breath in their community. We will fight for a future where people aren't just living to survive, but operating through the overflow of their trans-formative identity, giving way to compassion to help others! And while we know there's still a great need and a wide gap to fulfill in bringing that vision to fruition, we're confident that with the extraordinary courage and generous aid of our donors, there is still hope.