As the academic year in Uganda draws to a close we hold a back to school fundraising appeal. Each year we provide school bags and school uniforms to the children at the center. Children are not allowed to enter school without the correct uniform and appropriate footwear. It might only cost around $20.00 to provide a uniform but it is out of the reach of many families It is yet another potential barrier which can mean a disadvantaged child either cannot attend school at all or attends in a uniform in a very poor state.

Education For OCIA

Attending school in a neat and tidy uniform can make a huge difference to a child’s confidence and self-esteem and how they feel about attending school. We also aim to provide school bags stuffed with items needed to help to carry out studies and to encourage children to keep clean. Each bag goes to a disadvantaged school child in readiness for the new school year in January 8th 2021. Assisting school children with the supplies he or she needs to keep clean and carry out their studies boosts confidence and encourages attendance. Both of these things produce better academic results which mean it is more likely that children will stay at school longer. Receiving a backpack is exciting and for many children is probably one of very few things which is ever really “theirs”.

Let's Make A Change

Lack of Education services has the devastating potential to create a severe of economic impacts. Orphans have straggled with life and they need a hand that can support them through Education that can equip them with constructive Knowledge and reliable access to future employments. It is noticed that 80 % of orphans in their productive years, lack direction which has contributed greatly in affecting the development and economic out-put of the country. In Uganda, Orphans contribute 85 % to the economy of the country.

Uganda remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The average daily income hovers below one dollar a day. While 40% of the populations in the south are living below the poverty line, in the north this figure rises as high as 70%. A large proportion of orphans in Uganda have received little or no formal schooling.

Most of their parental guardians are unemployed. They are being denied even the most basic opportunities from the governmental funds, and their children can't access practical vocational education hence their chances of ever finding a paid job are very slim indeed.

This means that over 45% of orphans are forced to leave their social and cultural environment, which thus makes education even more difficult. The project is particularly keen to foster orphans in communities to which no educational opportunities have previously existed. The goal is to motivate to make up to 65 % of the participants mainly girls, and boys by the beginning of 2021, over 10-30 orphans will be at school under OCIA. 





OCIA is a registered based Charity in Uganda.

We are committed to using every dollar donated wisely in order to best help children in need.

  At OCIA, every child counts and we love each people we meet!

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 Protecting Uncountable Children in Uganda 

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