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Every day children all around Uganda are facing unspeakable hardships. You can give a child hope again by donating today.

Ocia Relief


We tested orphans for life-threatening illness and diseases, including HIV/Aids,Typhoid,and Hepatitis. We also actively support & use donations towards health care as when this is needed. Keeping people alive & healthy through nutritional Aid or medical services through Sebbi Medical Center & JJ Medical Center.

Spirtual Growth


We are dedicated to ensure the people we serve heal from the trauma they have experienced or the hurt they carry through counseling and Spiritual Growth at St.Stephen Church. If you want to explore your faith in a safe, friendly environment, while building friendships with others, there is a small group for you.

Child Advocacy

Ensuring a safe child/ orphans in a friendly environment for children who have experienced abuse or witnessed a crime.

A multi-disciplinary team of professionals to work together to reduce trauma and ensure the safety of children & also OCIA cares for grow up of a child in a loving family & are properly protected.


Women Empowerment

OCIA ensures shaping a brighter future for young-women under program (R4W) kikimba kwa wanawakke who have been raped, abused, or neglected and empowering them with trade-skills, farming, poultry techniques and employment for gaining self-sustainability dignity through enterprise. With you funding us.


Loving Family

A loving family for orphans

Every child deserves a secure home. We work with families to reduce the risk of breakdown that could leave children without parental support. But when children have no access to family, we give them and their siblings a safe home. Each home is headed by a trained caregiver who raises each child with the individual care and attention they need.

Support Community

A supportive community

We have many village communities around the Uganda providing loving homes for children who have lost parental support, or are at risk of losing it, due to conflict, disease, extreme poverty, abandonment or natural disasters. The children we support have access to medical facilities, and schools, so they can grow up in a safe and supportive environment.

Bright Future

A bright future for  children

We believe every child should have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Working through individual development plans, we offer them the skills and education they need from cradle to career. Our holistic approach ensures the whole person is developed and equipped to join and contribute to their communities, helping them lead fulfilling lives.


Emergency relief

Our global presence means we are already in-country when disaster strikes. In emergencies we deliver essential supplies, psycho-social care, family reunion, and safe spaces for children to recuperate. We also ensure communities are given help to rebuild infrastructure and resiliance - empowering families to regain control of their lives after war and disaster.


Orphan Children In Action (OCIA) has a special relationship with all communities in Uganda. Learn more about how we are helping these communities. 

Find out more about our CEO and Team Members who share our values and help us maintain complete transparency with our partners and supporters.


The protection of children and young people in our care is central to all we do. Find out how we achieve our goal by reading our full child safeguarding policy.

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