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In Uganda, public education under universal primary and secondary is provided for free, but there are still certain costs associated with school that prohibit many orphans and vulnerable children from attending. These include school fees, long distances, required school supplies and required school uniforms.


Your sponsorship provides for their basic physical needs such as food, shelter and clothing, and it can also provide critical medical care.But your sponsorship is important in another way as well. It shows these children that someone in the world cares enough about them. For an orphan who has never had the benefit of a loving family, or in too many cases, any relationship with someone who cares about them personally, your sponsorship in and of itself can be a life changing relationship.

Your monthly donation of $30 per month is changing a life of a child in Uganda and they are relying on you to stay committed to them and provide them with an education until they graduate.Its a big deal for you to give monthly to a child you may never physically meet (we understand that) but we know that the relationship you build with the child you support and the impact you will have on their life is totally worth it. The child you sponsor will know you and you will them.

Your child will reply on your monthly support to attend school.They will look forward to writing you letters on their progress and reading your words that will encourage them to work and study hard.They need your support.


Who are the children?

Each and every one of the 30 children at OCIA have previously been directly affected by poverty, homelessness and sickness.They are aged from between 6-15 years old, some of them were rescued by our founder Enock.

Are they all orphans?

Many of the children in our care have been registered to OCIA as they lost their parents Other children were simply abandoned by their parents and needed a  hand + safe home,where they would  be loved,nurtured,fed and given an education.

How to help OCIA?

There are several ways you can sponsor an orphan or vulnerable child. One is to individually sponsor one or more children yourself. Another option is to co-sponsor a child by contributing a set amount on a monthly, quarterly,semi-annually or annually basis ($10 minimum). We then combine the contributions of several cosponsors to fund the sponsorship of a child. Learn More

How does my support help?

The support you give is pooled with the contributions of other sponsors and is spent on OCIA package, tuition,school materials,school uniforms,meals throughout the day at school and school shoes as a whole. In this way your donations are spent in such a way as to make the most difference to a greater number of children and will help to ensure that the project continues for all the children it supports.

What do i get when i sponsor a child?

With in a month of joining you will receive a detailed profile and a photo of your sponsored child. In order for you to follow up you will get an opportunity to send & receive letters with your child,quarterly photos,frequent updates on your child's progress and. If you visit Uganda you will be welcomed to meet your sponsored child at OCIA. 

Can i choose a child to sponsor?

In the interests of Child Policy we are careful with children safety that are identified through our website and we do therefore provide more details of individual children when you contact us. You can choose whether you would like to sponsor a boy or girl. Of course we will provide details and photos on sponsorship.

 Local staff will oversee your child.  

You will have a unique opportunity to follow a child’s progress from our local staff at OCIA. Help assure that your child is attending school and making progress in their studies! We work with the child's teachers,caregivers and family to ensure everyone is on board to help your child achieve their goals. 


OCIA uses a life-cycle approach in our educational programs that focuses on the needs of children at all stages of development: early childhood, basic education,adolescence and youth.We are committed to seeing them through the beginning of their education until the day they receive their diploma! Here is how.

Locate those in need

OCIA on the ground team,In Uganda,locate children in high-poverty and high-risk areas where children are unable to attend school+ afford an education and those who have nothing to eat.

We value commitment

After enrollment,our scholarship recipients must maintain at least a 80% attendance rate to continue receiving a scholarship with OCIA.





OCIA is a registered based Charity in Uganda.

We are committed to using every dollar donated wisely in order to best help children in need.

  At OCIA, every child counts and we love each people we meet!

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 Protecting Uncountable Children in Uganda 

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