We do this to improve on the hygiene and sanitation of the environment because the orphans we take care of are still young, we engage in community work such as well development and renovation to provide a safe environment and clean water, Draining water channels and many other activities. Furthermore we are able to meet those Orphans who have turned streets into home places.

Now the children are thriving in a healthy, nurturing Christian environment. An important part of  growth and development of the children is the outreach programs carried out at OCIA. We consider it essential that the children learn to bless others, in the same way as sponsors and supporters on the other side of the world have blessed them.

We are fortunate that many supporters kindly bring us clothes which we can distribute to out-locked children. Some of the clothes go to the children that OCIA supports throughout the year but thousands of others are distributed to children in local communities who are in need.


We know we can’t turn up in a slum to give out clothes unless we have plenty available so that all children will get something so we store clothes at OCIA until we have plenty available. Every couple of months or so we’ll get them all out and start sorting them out by ourselves. We spend a day or two sorting the clothes into girls and boys, tops and bottoms and approximate ages.

 Give Out Clothes


   Immay donation to children in Kiboga District in 2018


How We Make it

We load the van with sufficient clothes for an entire slum/group. Enock knows where the slums in the local area are and we will visit several over the course of a week. Volunteers take turns to assist.Sometimes we visit a slum or we will arrange to meet families from a slum at a prearranged location.If everything goes to plan after explaining who we are and what we are doing and that there will be enough for every child the children will line up and we can quickly judge size and locate suitable clothing from the baskets. On other occasions it’s a bit more of a challenge as the parents of the children can’t wait and get somewhat overeager to grab clothes for their families.

It’s not surprising this happens from time to time - the people we are helping have very little and the gift of some clothing for their children means a great deal.It can be an overwhelming experience for volunteers who have never given out clothes before but no one taking part could have the slightest doubt about what the clothes mean to the families of the children receiving them.

Please tell others about what we do. One person just telling another can be the start of something wonderful. So please do give - it really does help.

 Join Us To Save The World Of Humanitarian And Feel Happy To Support.





OCIA is a registered based Charity in Uganda.

We are committed to using every dollar donated wisely in order to best help children in need.

  At OCIA, every child counts and we love each people we meet!

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 Protecting Uncountable Children in Uganda 

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