About Orphan Children In Action

What does OCIA do?

OCIA is a local charity protecting children who have lost parental care and orphans and vulenarable we work in Uganda to provide care, education, and healthcare, for children in our care.

Through our work in local communities, schools, technology programmes, vocational training centres, family strengthening programmes and emergency relief, we improve the lives of children and families across Uganda.

Who founded Orphan Children In Action (OCIA)?

Following the year, Enock Buhler Kagimu founded the Orphan Children In Action (OCIA) organisation in his home country of Uganda in 2017. His aim was to provide orphaned and abandoned children with a loving family, home and community in which to grow. OCIA is built in Imst in the Nansana province of the Wakiso District.

What makes OCIA Unique?

We strengthen orphans left down in slums, providing them with the support they need to stay together. When children do not have parental support, we support them with the care and support of a parent in our local communities.

As a non-denominational and apolitical independent charity, we always respect the religions and cultures of the local communities where we work.

When does OCIA become active in a community?

OCIA works where there is a need to help children who have left in slums or abandoned by families or parents. The organisation may be alerted to the plight of vulnerable children in a particular community by a volunteer, co-partner, an OCIA co-worker or an individual with a special connection to the community in question and in-depth knowledge of the social situation.

Before starting any activities in a new community, OCIA analyses the situation and carries out a feasibility study to determine if OCIA programmes would be suited to help children in the respective community and context. The financial and logistical feasibility are also evaluated.

Finally, a consent form must be signed with the community and parental or guardian in which the foundations for cooperation are laid out (child care model, child admission, the legal position regarding taxation, etc.). Only then can OCIA go ahead and set up one of our programmes.

Which children are eligible for sponsorship or an admission to OCIA?

Every effort is made to ensure that the children placed in OCIA are those who are going to benefit most from its care. Only children who need our support, education support in a community and for whom a more suitable care placement cannot be found are considered for admission into OCIA Family. Generally speaking, children up to the age of five to ten can be admitted. However, when a group of siblings is admitted, group members’ ages may vary.

Who decides whether a child is admitted or not?

OCIA defines admission criteria individually for each children, in line with OCIA Locally’s guidelines and the economic, social, and legal requirements of the particular community.

The decision whether a child can be admitted to OCIA family care is made in co-operation between Orphan Children In Action and the OCIA welfare authorities and social services. If any of the child’s siblings are also in need of alternative care, every effort is made to keep the siblings together.

Can i volunteer at Orphan Children In Action?

We are always pleased to welcome volunteers to our UG office in Nansana.There are also lots of opportunities to help us raise funds for OCIA. Find out more about how you can get involved with our work here.

Is OCIA an adoption or a Charity Organisation

No, OCIA is a nonprofit charity organization for the purpose of nurturing and give support to the orphans and the vulnerable. We believe by attending to all the needs of a child, he/she will grow in love and become prepared, to eventually one day leave the OCIA and become productive in the community but we do not place children for adoption. If you are interested in adoption, email us for resources and more information on the process.

How did you rescue children in your care?

Enock our founder rescued all the children in our care. As he grew up on the streets from the ages of 6-10, he felt a desire to go back and help other children in the same position as he has once been. They were rescued from slums, as well as other care homes that were shut down due to corruption, bad hygiene or lack of funding.

How is OCIA funded?

Our main bills are covered by sponsors and partners that pay a monthly & yearly sponsorship fee to support their chosen child. Over and above this, develop planning of our infrastructure and the idea of private school fees are paid by fundraising carried out throughout the year, through events and campaigns.

Who is paid in your among OCIA staff members?

Our Ugandan Ocia staff and security staff are paid, as well as the drivers that ensure the children's safe journey to and from school. Our European based staff all work voluntarily, as well as part of our administrative team onsite. Our only extra costs incurred are generally banking fees.
I will eventually add more but these are the ones I can think of for the moment.


Other Information

I don't want to sponsor a child,but i would still like to support your work,Is it possible?

Yes. There are many ways you can help to make a difference by supporting the work of Orphan Children In Action (OCIA) around Uganda. You can: -Sponsor an Ocian - Make a regular or one-off donation - Fundraise for us - Donate to our emergency relief work - Leave a gift in your will - Give in memory - Campaign with us -We also support payroll giving for child sponsorship and regular donations, so you can donate out of your gross salary before your wages are taxed.

Can i volunteer at Orphan Children In Action?

We are always pleased to welcome volunteers to our UG office in Nansana.There are also lots of opportunities to help us raise funds for OCIA. Find out more about how you can get involved with our work here.





OCIA is a registered based Charity in Uganda.

We are committed to using every dollar donated wisely in order to best help children in need.

  At OCIA, every child counts and we love each people we meet!

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 Protecting Uncountable Children in Uganda 

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