YEAP exists to address psycho-social and economic problems among young people in Nansana,

Wakiso District. OCIA is currently implementing its activities.


  • To promote sustainable development among the youth in the community.

  • To encourage the youth to initiate their own income generating activities.

  • Poverty alleviation among the youth.

  • Increase of income and employment among the youth in the community.

  • Change of mind set and promotion of self reliance.

        Empowerment Programs

Education – both formal and vocational training, Sports, games, drama and dance programs, Community Service, Youth Camps, Entrepreneurship and Leadership training, Art and crafts, Peer Counselling,Career Guidance



​It is important that our youth be raised to become socially responsible citizens. Besides providing youth with material and technical support, our youth are encouraged  to engage in socially aware projects and activities that will promote the good of the community. Through this work, they become aware of the needs of the people in communities around them.It is an opportunity to learn and share talents and gifts with those who are underprivileged, especially the elderly, single mothers, widows, child-headed families, and the sick.

The resulting end is that young people who take an active role in community development have a heightened sense of duty and responsibility. This is critical to raising responsible children and to building a strong nation.

The above programs and activities are intended to produce the following impact on our youth:

  • 1.Empowerment

  • 2.Civic engagement

  • 3.Academic engagement

  • 4.Expanded sense of hope

  • 5.Leadership & teamwork skills

  • 6.Personal & social development

  • 7.Empathy & compassion

  • 8.A sense of self-worth

  • a broadened awareness of social issues.


the Girl Child

OCIA will organize a youth camp for GIRLS ONLY (ages 12-21) for the weekend of Sept 30-Nov 03 (Wed -Sat). The camp is intended to provide a safe space to discuss issues affecting their lives and identify opportunities for personal, educational, leadership, social, and career development. We aim to empower girls to take charge of their destiny.

If you have any ideas about content, group activities, educational videos, posters, fun movies, etc, please make suggestions and bring them. We will finally have the list of topics the girls themselves suggested.

 Youth Camps

Youth camps are intended to provide an opportunity for the youth to gain life skills to facilitate their personal development through discussion, fun activities, movies, games,community service,and presentations.Various themes have been developed in the past camps including: AIDS awareness and it’s impact on the youth, Leadership and personal development, Education and social responsibility, etc. 


  Counseling & Care Support(CCS)Program

The goal is to help providing counseling so as to continue stabilizing children, psychologically and socially; They talk one-on-one counselling whatever might be helpful. And if counseling is warranted, the older peer will help guide others to the right staff to receive appropriate help.

Through this exercise orphans and youth gain self-esteem, confidence, sense of trust and build health relationships. At the same time, it is a way to give back by being present to each other.

The programs pairs both orphans in our care and youth to provide social and emotional support to each other. Usually students in upper classes will be paired with young students.They can share general life experiences, offer advice on study skills, test taking skills, school life, and such. Peers don’t counsel, but have good experience with school life-academic and social; so the young peers to peer can easily relate with them.

Caring and looking after orphans and vulnerable children and ensuring that they are physically secured; Minding and feeding children with balanced diets so as to promote their growth and ensure that children’s cognitive, spiritual, mental and intellectual capacity is well-developed.

Community Outreach

Every month, the OCIA’s staff and members from St Stephen Church serve in the local communities to meet the needs of their neighbors, demonstrate compassion, and show how much God values their life!

Women Ministry

Women have influence. The St Stephen sisterhood is a ministry of St Stephen Church that mobilizes young-women to unite and learn their value, worth, and identity in Christ. The St Stephen Sisterhood offers women a place to share, feel, and unite.





OCIA is a registered based Charity in Uganda.

We are committed to using every dollar donated wisely in order to best help children in need.

  At OCIA, every child counts and we love each people we meet!

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 Protecting Uncountable Children in Uganda 

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