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Since 2017, OCIA has been at the forefront of helping disadvantaged children in slum and vulnerable children in Uganda . Here are some of the key dates in our history, all the way until now!
In The Beginning

OCIA was established as Community Based Organization (CBO) in 2017 and later pre-registered as NGO to support disadvantaged children from slums and similar conditions in Uganda regardless of their religion, caste or gender. The administrative costs are kept to minimum to ensure the work of OCIA to fund projects on the ground in Uganda. OCIA was created in response to the urgent need to care for children abandoned or left orphans by the parents and families in Uganda. It is a private Christian based charity organization for the purpose of nurturing and giving support to the orphans and the vulnerable.

Later On

Over these years, we are currently working in Uganda.

In community areas like Kawempe, Nansana, Gganda, Bakuli and Mengo.These areas are all located in central region of Uganda and some are boarded by Kampala the capital city for example Bakuli and Mengo. Our main offices are in Canada and Uganda in the main stream of the cities.

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On Move All The Years.

OCIA is a registered company limited by Guarantee (NGO) 2020. We believe by attending to all the needs of a child, he/she will grow in love and become prepared, to eventually one day leave the orphanage and become productive in the community. And ensuring adequate care and support that we provided  to both orphans and vulnerable children, abandoned by parents and families; and assisting such children to be educated and trained so as to be successful and useful members who can contribute productively to their societal development.

Our Ground Rescue About Kids In Slums

Why we must act” fight for children facing children neglect-ism,orphaned one & early abused in Uganda.

Our focus is to build a society which loves and accepts orphans and vulnerable children so as to attain healing of their emotional wounds, build their confidence, and create space and opportunities to facilitate the development of their talents so that they can live in dignity, respect and managing their own lives independently.

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