A message from Isaac Muwonge (A volunteer)

Hello Folks, am here to talk about the pandemic that we very well know which is Covid-19. For, as far as I know, we have been offered several ways through which we can have this pandemic prevented because it's a disease that we can't have at our full control but mainly this message is for you my community people, am supposing and emphasizing more of the SOP's(Standard Operational Procedures) guidelines which were issued by the Ministry of Health under the government of Uganda to the people so as we prevent the virus. This virus is real, it's claiming lives and it's taking people's lives to graves, but our main emphasis is to join hands together to fight this, prevent it, control it's speedy spreading more so put a stop to it and we can do this! Since we have done it from several ages and several histories as the human race, through an individual initiative by putting in place all those ways that were a signed to us on how to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic.

By using sanitizers, face masks, and other several ways like taking lemon, garlic, and eating energy food that boosts and put an end to the disease. On the same initiative, we have to work hand in hand to see to it that all is applied in its rightful way. Besides, let us use masks, what I know, all these ways are not a threat to our ways of life or work in concern to our daily activities. Hastily we are in a festive season which we very well know, and mainly we as the OCIAN'S are wishing you a happy new year and we know this year has not been a great year, it has been a confiscated year but let us believe in the lord that we shall have a better 2021 at least to replace more that has lost in the previous year. I thank you all for the hospitality and good work. Thank you for your time.

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