Enock Bühler Kagimu, the founder of OCIA based in Uganda. Was born out of wedlock on July 13 1994 in the heart of Wakiso District in Uganda. By the time of his birth, his father was married for 7 years and God had not blessed him with a gift of a child since the woman he was married to was not able to conceive so that made him his first child. During his early years, he grew up with a single mother since his existence was kept away from the public to protect his father’s reputation in the community. He was one of the village elders and on the committee.

 His Life at father's place 

At the age of 4, his mother wanted his existence as his father’s child to be revealed and she suggested to introduce him to his father’s family since she was struggling with finances as a single mother and she had other 2 children to look after from her late husband. At the age of 6, his father accepted to recognize him and he took him to permanently live with him with the stepmother.

A different life began for him as a young child he missed his mother and he was not allowed to ever go back to see her at the restaurant. The hospitality at his father’s place was not welcoming, started suffering the wrath of a stepmother who had struggled so much to have a child and she could not.

 God's mercy on him 

His early start in life was a struggling one and he understands the means of being neglected and orphaned. He lost his father at an early age to Cancer. His father didn't want anything to do with him and neglected him. After the passing of his father, a kind Samaritan KAJA took Enock in, cared for his school tuition for education, Healthcare, Under Oria which was organized by Sebastian, She could give him.

In July 2017, Our CEO embarked on his dreams to care for orphans full-time. He prayerfully considered this decision and felt like this was what he should do for other orphans suffering and in bad situations. It became one of his most rewarding jobs though he was still at school and was poor struggling, he began visiting some orphan children that needed care and nourishment. He visited those in need in villages, Churches, homes, streets, etc. so to see their situations. Later on, He organized Orphan Children in Action (OCIA) as CBO. His mission is to help orphans, expand OCIA, planting home centers for orphans all over Africa. His desire to influence and impact their family, community, and country.

 My priorities as a child were not important instead I became a house help by cleaning, washing, cooking, grazing the cattle and farming were all he did in early childhood His education was not important to his stepmother because she couldn't send him to school if he did not have worked at home or sometimes she could tell him to first finish all the work then go to school. At that time his father could not say anything nor save him because he could leave very early in the morning while he was still sleeping and he couldn't come back late at night when he's sleeping too and he trusted his co-wife so much.

His elder sister called him to escort her somewhere, little a bit he didn't know that she was taking him to go see his mom's restaurant. On reaching the restaurant, she saw him and break down, started crying due that the fact that he was malnourished looking bad with torn clothes and his mom was so sick. He remembers her telling her elder sister now the late "May God rest her soul in peace" you are not taking back my son” I started staying with her as helping her doing some work at the restaurant in all hardships as a single mother and in overwhelming poverty, His father disowned him and swore that he will never give him any help since am longer one of his own. 

He struggled with his mother that at times they could even fail to get a meal for a day due that she cooked a little, with peace and love among the two, we were happy but above all his mother was a Christian and taught him the importance of prayer. After 5 years of staying with my mother. My father started battling Cancer that prompted him much cigarette smoking. With a lack of proper medical care, he lost the battle and he was left orphaned. His relatives, his friends never looked back on his last words to take him back or support him through school.